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Just giving the consumer a heads up.Whatever you do Don't order this product and by no means don't give them your credit or debit account numbers.

To this day I have know idea how much it costs to purchase.

They kept withdrawing money out of my account even after I had cancelled. When you get the product,by the way which doesn't work, there is no invoice to tell you how much the product actually costs. All I know is they took close to $200.00 out of my account until I realize they were milking it in over a 3 month period.

So find another way to quit smoking unless you have money to burn.

And whatever you do, don't believe you will be smokefree.You'll be smoking more When you get your bank statement!

Review about: Prado.



your right they seem to be a pack of thief's i ordered one and ended up with two and teeth whiter.when is aol going to take these crooks off the web site are they blind or part of the problem i believe the latter. may be a boycott of the site by enough ppl will help. spread the word and use internet explorer for a month that will get their attention

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